Integrated Technical Services

Technical services are at the core of our value system. Our team of engineers, chemists and operators are here to support the operational challenges of our broad range of customers.

The comprehensive service product portfolio we offer seeks to help us better support you by understanding the needs and processes of your operation. Aztech Lubricants experts conduct initial site inspections, develop a mutually agreed upon write-up for the project specification development, build cost estimates to optimize performance vs. value, and go as far as developing the product your specific application might need to meet these goals and complete implementation.

Creating value for our customers is at the root of what we do.


Our Process

Initial Consultation

Understand operational challenges to provide value to your operation.

  • Explain work process flow
  • Identify key personnel
  • Create preliminary timeline

Site Visit

Survey equipment, monitor application and process to understand root causes.

  • Face-to-face meetings to facilitate communication and understanding
  • Obtain data-driven diagnosis
  • Adjust timeline

Product Design

Create unique technology to improve operational efficiency and worker safety to meet customer expectations.

  • Obtain full understanding of current product and interactions
  • Comprehend circuit to detect potential mechanical deficiencies
  • Create tailored formula specific to application


Introduce customized product to fulfill targeted objectives and benefits of collaboration.

  • Monitor process performance
  • Obtain feedback through knowledge sharing
  • Make product adjustments as necessary to ensure continuous optimal performance
  • Final solution operates successfully