Chemical Management

Developed with and designed to reduce waste, lower costs and optimize processes, our capabilities extend beyond the role of a traditional chemical manager.

We truly partner with you by managing your facility’s entire chemical and fluid operations including procurement, inventory management, and fluid system optimization.

Inventory Management

Offering a complete, integrated inventory control of your chemicals and lubricants across your entire organization, we oversee and optimize:

    • Incoming quality
    • Chemical handling
    • Warehousing
    • Purchasing
    • Freight Management
    • Vendor rating system

SDS Management

To facilitate the management of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), we’ll help disseminate them within your company and/or to your customers. They’re also regularly updated and monitored for accuracy and always on file, ready to be viewed electronically.

Metalworking Fluids and Lubrication Management

With over 30 years of hands-on fluid management experience, our laboratory analysis and management program provides vital information about the current condition of both your in-use fluids and equipment. In fact, regular system monitoring can reveal trends to help identify problems before they start.

This service includes:

    • CoolTRAX web based data system
    • Process optimization
    • Product evaluation
    • Laboratory analysis
    • Mycobacteria testing and management
    • Dilution Control

For more information about our services, feel free to contact us.


Our focus is in usage reduction. Since 1975 Aztech Lubricants, Inc. has been in the business of managing in-use metalworking fluids. For over 25 years we have been chosen as the primary chemical manager for one simple reason – We deliver results! Our formula is based on a very simple concept, however following it is critical for a successful program.

    • Experienced Personnel and Purchasing Support
    • Inventory Management Support
    • Advanced Technology and Technical Support
    • Toll Gate
    • Process Improvement
    • Reporting
    • Training
    • Continuous Improvement/Cost Reduction Initiatives

Experienced Personnel

CCI agrees that experience is the critical factor to launching and maintaining a successful program All employees had chemical management experience, industry experience and most of all, excellent work ethic. The formula may appear simple but it takes time to find the right individual(s) to run a chemical management program. The launch team picked for your facility has the proper skill set to make the program a success.

Purchasing Support

CCI currently has 3 full time dedicated buyers for Chemical Management. In addition, there are two dedicated accountants to the chemical management program.

Inventory Management Support

CCI utilizes various software programs which are site specific. CCI will incorporate our Tracking software with the inventory management module used at your facility

By utilizing these two systems, CCI will be able to track usage and cost, identifying high usage systems. Once the top 10 users are identified, CCI will work with the tier II suppliers and your personnel to drive down consumption. Support will be given through the buyers, site managers, CCI accountants and tier II suppliers. By incorporating all the teams together with monthly and quarterly business reviews, CCI will look for ways to drive down cost and work on best practices throughout Ford.

Advanced Technology Support

All CCI technical support personnel have many years of industry experience, including the development of several patents concerning biocides and other water dilutable fluids.

In 1975 CCI developed a treatment system designed to extend the useful life of in-use metalworking working fluids. The treatment system is a componentized coolant management protocol that focuses on the treatment of water-based metalworking fluids in a proactive mode. Over the years, the TS process has been refined in order to adapt to new governmental regulations and to absorb new technological breakthroughs in the areas of corrosion control, bacterial control, odor control, lubricity, waste treatability and safety.

Following the treatment system protocol provides the coolant manager with lower total operating costs, improved quality performance of the cutting fluid and machining operations and a safe, odor-free work environment.

Toll Gate

CCI will become the main contact for new chemicals being purchase or brought into the plant. We will fully understand the requirements to bring chemicals into your facility. If no protocols currently exist we will work with you to develop them. We will meet with, interview and investigate all tier II’s new chemicals being brought into the facility.

Tier II management is a shared responsibility of both onsite and offsite personnel. Our onsite professionals involve the Tier II’s in cost savings, project development and seeking out the latest technology. All suppliers are evaluated for the following:
Compliance with environmental and other regulatory requirements:

    • Supply capabilities
    • Quality control
    • Pricing competitiveness
    • Field and technical support
    • R&D/market research
    • “JIT” delivery services
    • EDI services and capabilities
    • Delivery logistics (including, without limitation, geographical proximity to the Managed Facilities)
    • Size and personnel
    • Financial stability
    • Supply of raw materials
    • Overall service level

Process Improvement

CCI has both a team approach and an internal system developed to the tracking of process improvements. The CCI site and corporate team meet every two weeks (on a minimum) to discuss project status and best practices. In addition, the CCI corporate team constantly interview tier II supplies for both chemical and non-chemical process improvement ideas.

On projects greater than $100,000, CCI dedicates a six sigma black belt to assist with the cost save initiative. The success to any chemical management program is involvement from the customer at the corporate level and at the user (or plant) level. At a minimum, each plant should have a chemical management committee with a Chairperson empowered to assist the chemical manager. In our experience, without total support from all areas, the chemical management program will struggle to succeed.


Reporting is vital to a successful CMS program: Reporting. CCI provides monthly reports concerning the services and operations at the managed facilities. Such reports may cover, without limitation:

    • Chemical Usage
    • Opportunity Identification
    • Project Development
    • Project Implementation
    • Account Mgmt. Plan
    • Cost Savings Projects List
    • Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews The first several months at every chemical management contract are very critical. Many phone calls and e-mails are exchanged to monitor the launch and monthly business reviews are conducted to review agreed upon goals.


Safety Training: Our Site managers have existing Health and Safety training. If it is necessary to update or renew due to your plants specific requirements we will attend the necessary classes.

Hydrocarbon Training Program: A CCI in house training program provided by Aztech Lubricants. This program starts with the basics of understanding base oils, applications, reading specifications, filtration properties and formulations.

Additives Training Program: A proprietary, exclusive CCI in house training program to understand how to formulate various fluids, which additives are depleted, how to adjust only additives for better lubricity, improved tool life or assisting with microbiological control.

Chemical Management Training Program: A mentoring program done on an individual basis when a new site manager or technician is hired. Program includes contract adherence, tier II relationships, cost save initiatives, P & L, employee management, health & safety, software management and report generation.

Chemical Management Training – Advanced: Done on a quarterly basis. All site managers and buyers are brought in together to discuss best practices, new cost save ideas, tier II management and leadership skills.

Continuous Improvement

Data management is the cornerstone of our programs. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.
CCI’s Continuous Improvement Programs (CIP) attack and control costs:

Pricing and delivery are managed by a team of purchasing professionals. We manage our contracts with onsite and offsite personnel. Our offsite buyers concentrate on negotiating pricing, container needs, delivery terms, shipping methods, Tier II alliances, and warehousing needs. They coordinate certification of product quality with Tier II’s as well as any returns that are required. CCI currently purchases over 50 million of chemicals which gives us leverage in the market place.

As your Chemical Manager we would benchmark a minimum of three technologies each year. We search the market place via Tier II’s, our own sales staff, Technology Conferences, the internet and other contracts CCI has for the “best in class technologies”

Additionally, CCI’s technical personnel since 1975 have been involved in the formulation of fluids. We have intricate knowledge of how and why products work and not work. CCI has the capabilities to measure selective depletion of additives in the fluids used in processes. We involve Tier II’s and their laboratories in controlling selective depletion and the use of additives to better control the process and reduce consumption. Additionally, we have an entire product line designed to accomplish reduction in fluid usage and additives to enhance depleted ingredients.